8 Ways To Get Private Music Students


November 15, 2022

Invest in personal development Becoming the musician, instructor and business owner that your strive to be requires an investment in yourself.

Work on your mindset Expand your capacity for growth and self-belief. Consume positive social media, TV, podcasts and books. Use positive affirmations that exercise your growth mindset.

Set up foundational marketing presence Social media, website, email signatures and flyers are a few examples of areas that business owners need a presence. Set these up in a professional manner, but do not spend too much time tweaking these in the beginning. You might get a better return on your investment by doing studio building activities.

Do the studio-building activities Get the word out about your availability to teach private lessons. Figure out who your ideal student is, and take notes on where they or their parents hang out.

Secure a mentor Asking for another musician’s help can save you time by learning about someone else’s mistakes so that you yourself can avoiding them.

Volunteer Give, give, give, get. Find a local community that you can donate your time. Secure sustainable referral partnerships that will send you students for years to come.

Follow up If you haven’t heard back, it’s OK to follow up and ask a question that will get a reply. Find the appropriate way of doing this by email, message, phone call and make things happen!

Stay agile If things don’t go your way at first, don’t give up. Stay agile and be willing to adjust your strategy. Keep an open mind and be able to try new things. The strength of your mindset and willingness to stay consistent will increase your capacity for new students and give you the best results!

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