How Michelle & James confidently scaled their multi-teacher studio with consistent lead generation.

Case Study

August 7, 2023

Take Note Lessons offers music lessons and tutoring services. Michelle handles the music side of the studio while James is the academic director. Here are some of the challenges that they have been able to overcome:

-The pandemic caused a shift to online lessons but also made it challenging to return to in-person lessons, so they were looking for guidance due to the impact of the pandemic on their business.
-Hiring new teachers and rearranging schedules was difficult during the transition.
-Their previous word-of-mouth marketing was not as effective post-pandemic.
-They faced challenges with retaining teachers.
-Many people left the city, resulting in a loss of teachers.
-They encountered roadblocks in marketing both the music and tutoring services.

After working with Outside The Bachs, Take Note Lessons overcame these hurdles and experienced growth and positive changes over the past year.

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