Business Coaching for Private Music Teachers


August 1, 2023

For private music teachers, nurturing their craft and developing their students is often the primary focus, leaving the business side of things overlooked. However, to truly thrive in today's competitive landscape, a deep understanding of business principles is key. There are plenty of business coaching options for private music teachers.

When seeking a business consultant for your music lessons, there are several key qualities to consider. First, look for someone with a deep understanding of both the business and musical education sectors. They should be able to provide you with insights about attracting and retaining students, pricing strategies, and effective marketing tactics specifically for music lessons.

The approach to coaching should align with your personal and professional values. This will ensure a synergistic relationship that propels your business forward. Do you get to talk to real humans that have been in your shoes before and can help get you to where you want to go?

Finally, consider their track record of success. A good business consultant should be able to provide testimonials or case studies from previous clients. Remember, choosing the right consultant can mean the difference between just surviving and truly thriving in your music teaching business.

Outside the Bachs is the premier choice for getting the business side of things set up for your private music studio. Here is what studio owners had to say:

Systems to Organize Your Music Lessons
"I am thankful for the invaluable systems I've learned and implemented from this program. It saves me a significant amount of time and energy, allowing me to focus on the things I truly want to do. With more time and energy, I can now give my current students the best version of myself without constantly exhausting myself trying to find new students. The investment in this program has already paid for itself, and I appreciate the quick progress we've made together." -Ashley

Making Money Teaching Music with Passion
"I find the investment in this program to be completely worth it. I would recommend it to anyone who is passionate about making money through teaching music. Many times, music lessons have been seen as just a hobby or a job for stay-at-home moms, but for those of us in this program, we are serious about turning this into our livelihood and primary source of income. It has been incredibly rewarding to make this dream a reality. If you genuinely want to make money doing what you love—teaching music—but dislike dealing with the business aspects, this program is perfect for you. We all recognize the importance of marketing and business, but having someone guide us through it makes a significant difference.

There is a strong sense of community within the program. Being part of this supportive community has allowed me to integrate resources and genuinely connect with others. It's essential to build a business that reflects who you are, and that's what we aim for in this program—authenticity and individuality.

If someone is considering starting their own studio business, I would offer this advice: Don't feel stuck or wait until retirement to do what you love. Building something you genuinely enjoy and are passionate about is possible at any age. You don't have to postpone your dreams until you're older. Embrace the opportunity now and build a fulfilling career doing what you love." -Jules

Teaching Music Lessons with a Growing Passion
"I highly recommend this program because it genuinely works. I can't think of any other way to build your music studio with such certainty that it will be successful. If you're interested, it's a proven program with tremendous support and abundant resources. Anyone trying to grow their studio and is passionate about teaching will benefit greatly from it." -Chaz

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